A new business model under TCG –  The Cefalone Group umbrella is 6•4•3 Consulting Services. A dedicated parks and recreation management consultancy, collaborating with governmental agencies, school districts and community associations to better serve their communities and enhance their image. Some of our services include after school programming, outdoor athletic space/facility improvements and other capital projects.

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CG outdoors is a new division under TCG – The Cefalone Group focusing on outdoor Athletic Court Resurfacing, Fencing, Line Striping and Sealcoating. Additionally, we produce outdoor graphics on a wide range of substrates. We can produce large outdoor signage, magnets and any coroplast products for your use. We work closely with our consulting arm of the group to deliver these projects/services on time and on budget while enhancing a community’s image.

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At CG sports, our original Team Sports Division include apparel as well as promotional items to enhance your company or team branding. Some of our services include embroidery, screen printing and logo design. Other products we offer through our sports division are athletic goals, bleachers and many other sporting goods.

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The Cefalone Group, LLC

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